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flag.       PA2HO

It's my life !!

RotterdamHere I went to primary school. Coolhaven in Rotterdam(NL)         OchtenHere I lived in Holland OCHTEN

AskerHere I lived in Norway ASKER      Nigerian flag. Click on the flag 
and listen to the national anthem.Here I lived in Africa Lagos (Nigeria)

Herent townhallHere I lived in Belgium HERENT         Lunteren is center of HollandNow I live (again) in Holland Lunteren

Dutch flag. Click on the flag and 
listen to the national anthem. Simon's Website (my brother)


Here I worked as a teacher (Math., Chemistry, Physics) at Wilhelmina MAVO - Rhenen

Can you find me ?

Wilhelmina MAVO Rhenen

Wilhelmina MAVO Rhenen

Wilhelmina MAVO Rhenen

Ericsson building in Brussels Ericsson is the company I worked for.

Visit to Ghana Telecom Training Centre TESANO in Accra

PABX training for Mobil in Lagos-Nigeria

PABX training for SPDC (SHELL) in Lagos-Nigeria

Presenting Telnet(Nigeria Ltd) as Ericsson's representative in Nigeria

PTC (now Zamtel) STAFF TRAINING COLLEGE in Ndola (Zambia)

SLMS (Subsciber Line Management System) Training in Cali (Colombia)

This keeps me busy :

Member of

Society of experimental radio research in the Netherlands.
Veron is a member of Region I of the IARU.

This is 
Tobie.            This is me         2-Meter transceiver: 
Kenwood TR-7850      HF transceiver: YEASU 
      Call sign:PA2HO (ex-ON4HSO)                           QTH Locator: JO22TC ( LUNTEREN (NL) ) 52.09162 N, 05.61520 E

APRS equipment Garmin                    Interface 
between PC and transceiver                    Squeezer for morse
APRS = Automatic Position Reporting System                  Interface between transceiver and Computer                     Squeezer for CW.
Kenwood TH-D7E + Garmin etrex GPS.

Siemens T100B Telex                    Then:ST-6/W converter. Now:The same can be done by the 
soundcard of the PC.                    Converter housing

Siemens T100B Telex. 45.45 Baud.                           Home made ST-6/W RTTY converter with AFSK generator.             

Hustler mobile antenna on aluminium plate                    Detail of Hustler antenna:80m coil                    6 elements Yagi for 2 meter

    Husler mobile antenna on aluminium plate.               Hustler 80M coil.                                       6 elements Yagi for 2 meter.            

WALA                                         G3WOR
Norgessertifikat No.1152.                             Worthing Amateur Radio Club.
     Date: 25-03-1982                                    Certifcate No.4 Date:May 1982

Follow my (PA2HO-10) with APRS when I'm on the move.

Links of interest.

TelecomAgentschap Telecom.         VeronVeron. VRZA.         UBAUBA.        


EchoLink is software which allows Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one
another over the Internet,using voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology.The program enables
worldwide connections to be made between stations, from computer to station, or from
computer to computer.
My node 913970 (PA2HO)


My other interest


Raspberry Pi

Arduino UNO

Example of building an Arduino UNO project

Jetson Nano 2GB (for AI and ML programming)